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Monday, January 7, 2013


Natural gas is a primary energy source. It is a fossil fuel, which means it has been produced from the remains of decaying organic matter
over millions of years of continuous underground heat and pressure. Unlike electricity, natural gas is a physical commodity that can be
processed, stored and used later. Because it is a fossil fuel it is not renewable and therefore cannot be green.
Natural gas has many uses that directly impact and affect our lives in various ways, from processing feed and agriculture, manufacturing
plastics and products, to cooking and heating our homes. Apart from its overall affordability and accessibility, long, cold winters in many
parts of the U.S. make natural gas a more critical form of energy than electricity for homeowners. Independence Associates can now
offer well rounded, full service energy solutions - earning income from both electric and natural gas utility bills in many states.
2. Transmission & Distribution
3. Energy Suppliers
• Natural gas is generated (or sourced) from multiple sources
• Price of natural gas is driven by a commodity market index traded on
the NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange)
• Same meter reader
• Same service
• Same first-responder in case of leaks, emergency or outage
• Suppliers provide monthly billing statements and customer service
• Allows for more product variety
• Through Diversegy, Independence Energy adds value by providing
customers with options for their new suppliers.

Since the deregulation of energy, concepts that we’ve grown
accustomed to and have taken for granted in other industries
(e.g. customer service, innovative products and terms, flexible
payment and billing options, energy efficiency/conservation,
and clean technologies) have all become hot topics for energy
consumers who suddenly find themselves with the right to
choose their supplier. Approximately 25 million households
exist within the deregulated natural gas market, yet research
indicates that only 15% have switched to a competitive supplier.
Independence Energy has turned to the experts at Diversegy (a
retail energy brokerage company) to implement and roll out a
comprehensive natural gas program, incorporating the best and
most competitive natural gas suppliers in each market.
Customers are free to choose their product/contract type
before they start service. Whether they want to lock in their
savings for a fixed term or choose a variable rate, we offer them
the flexibility to select the product that best meets their
budgetary needs.
So what is the difference between Independence Energy,
Diversegy, and the supplier? After deregulation, the gas utility
company was broken up into three different components
performing the following functions:
MARKETING competitive offer consolidator
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Note: Independence Energy is not the natural gas supplier. Customers will be referred to a third party supplier who will then
service, bill, and provide customer service throughout the term of the relationship.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Get Green: Natural Gas

Get Green: Natural Gas: Independence Energy is determined to give customers the best energy choices for their lifestyle and budget. As a key part of that mandate,...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Natural Gas

Independence Energy is determined to give customers the best energy choices for their lifestyle and budget. As a key part of that mandate, we are proud to offer natural gas as another affordable alternative to our range of electricity products.
Independence is leveraging the expertise of natural gas broker Diversegy to implement and roll out a comprehensive natural gas program, incorporating the best and most competitive natural gas suppliers in each market.
In California, Georgia, Illinois, and New Jersey, Independence customers now have the power to choose natural gas, which is:
  • Abundant and affordable
  • The cleanest burning fossil fuel
  • Sourced domestically, making the U.S. less dependent on foreign resources 

  • Natural gas is an essential partner to the development of renewable energy, providing clean, reliable power when the sun sets or wind dies down.

    Natural Gas State Listing

    In addition to electricity, Independence Energy also offers natural gas in four states – California, Georgia, Illinois, and New Jersey. Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels, is sourced domestically, and is dependable as well as affordable.




    New Jersey

    * The Cash Back program year begins at the beginning of the customer's first billing cycle and ends at the end of the period covered by the 12th billing cycle. At the beginning of the customer's first billing cycle, the account will automatically be enrolled in the Cash Back program, and the customer will be eligible to receive a Cash Back rebate in the amount of five [5] or ten [10] percent of the total dollar amount of the supply charges of the customer's electricity bill, excluding taxes, during the twelve month program period. Within sixty (60) days after the date of the 12th billing statement, Independence Energy Group LLC ("IEG") will calculate the amount of the Cash Back rebate for the twelve month period and issue a Cash Back rebate check to the account holder as long as the account is active and in good standing at that time. For purposes of this program, active accounts are defined as those that are billing more than $0, accounts that are part of EDC consolidated billing, and those for with IEG has not received a request on behalf of the customer to discontinue (drop) their service. Offer not valid for government entities.

    Tuesday, November 20, 2012

    Natural Gas options are coming to Georgia!

    Natural Gas Products Coming by the End of the Year…in Four States!

    Multiple Power Play Opportunity!

    We rolled it out at Liberty and are proud to announce that it’s almost here! Why, it’s natural gas–naturally!  Pinning down this hot air balloon took a little longer than expected, but the payoff will take us to greater heights with 4 states lifting off before the end of the year! We’ll be selling our natural gas products in Georgia, Illinois, California, and New Jersey.
    But no need to wait! We are running a promotion that will benefit you right now. Anyone who enrolls in November or December and lives in one of these 4 states has the option for 2, count ‘em, 2 Power Plays. They can complete their first Power Play between now and the day we launch and then get a reset for a gas-based Power Play when their state opens. Don’t live in one of our first gas states, or enrolled before November? Just enroll 2 Nov/Dec Associates who complete Power Play by launch day, and you can qualify for the gas reset too!
    The utilities served will be:
    1. Atlanta Gas & Light Company of Georgia
    2. Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas, and North Shore of Illinois
    3. Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SoCal Edison), and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) of California
    4. Elizabethtown Gas, New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG), Public Services Electric & Gas (PSE&G) of New Jersey

    Contact me today 770-906-3619 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            770-906-3619      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    or send me an email at acouchwm@gmail.com

    Thursday, October 18, 2012

    NRG and GenOn Merge to the Top

    News & Events - News NRG and GenOn Merge to the Top Posted: 8.28.2012 By now you’ve probably heard about the highly publicized merger of NRG Energy, Inc. and GenOn Energy, Inc. In a $1.7 billion deal, announced on July 22 by NRG, the combined company will keep the NRG name for a new conglomerate that will have the capacity to generate 47,000 megawatts of electric power. Why is it such a big deal? In short, it’s a move that completely transforms the competitive power game in one fell swoop. After the merger takes place in January 2013, NRG will be the largest Independent Power Producer in the country, strategically positioned nationwide for rapid growth and the continued development of sustainable, affordable Smart Energy Solutions. The combined company will: Generate enough energy to power 40 million American homes Have asset concentrations in the East, Gulf Coast and West Have a combined enterprise value of $18 billion (compare that with the largest MLM in the business, Avon, which has a public value of $9 billion – only half that amount) David Crane, NRG President and CEO, explains it like this: “This combination ushers in a new era of scale, scope, and market and fuel diversification in the competitive power industry.” Mr. Crane, who will continue to lead the merged organization in his current role, added that backing retail supply obligations with physical generation assets is the "best way" to operate a retail business. The companies’ spokespeople elaborated by saying, “An expanded core generation fleet will enable the combined company to duplicate in multiple core markets (principally in the East) NRG’s successful integrated wholesale-retail business model in ERCOT – the best business model across the price cycle, in an industry that is subject to commodity price volatility.” NRG and GenOn have invested over $3 billion since 2000 on environmental improvements, leading to significant emissions reductions. The combined company will continue NRG’s commitment to delivering the sustainable energy technologies of tomorrow. An enhanced core generation business will allow it to further invest in and grow its clean energy businesses. The bottom line: the 900 pound gorilla we had in NRG just hit adolescence and became King Kong. It’s something to write home about.