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Monday, April 30, 2012

Some question many folks ask me about deregulation and Independence Energy

Many customers are unfamiliar with energy deregulation, how can I explain it to them?

Deregulation is the process by which governments remove, reduce, or simplify restrictions with the intent of encouraging efficiency and competition in markets. Deregulation in the United States traces its roots to the oil crisis of the 1970s but it took until the late 1990s to put the idea of electricity deregulation into practice.
Before deregulation, utilities controlled all three components of the energy industry: generation, transmission and the sale of energy. Deregulation divides those processes, with different companies having the ability to handle each aspect.

How can customers pay their bills?

Customers will continue to receive their electric bills from their local utility companies after their switch to Independence Energy; the only difference is that Independence Energy will appear on the supply portion of the bill. Customers will continue to make one payment each billing cycle to their local utility and are free to pay just as they had before, in any manner their utility company accepts.

What is Independence Energy Power Surge Protection?

Independence Energy offers coverage for repairs or replacement of the products in the home, like appliances and consumer electronics, which fail as a result of a power surge.

What exactly is the Unemployment Protection Program?

The Unemployment Protection Program protects you in the event of involuntary job loss of the primary wage earner of the household by providing payment on the Independence Energy charges on your electric bill, up to $300 per month for three consecutive months.
Your electric bill contains several types of charges: distribution charges from the utility, electricity supply charges from Independence Energy and potentially natural gas charges from another energy supplier. This Program covers the charges from Independence Energy only.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Become a "Green" Entrepreneur

Texas Power Play

Company’s Marketing Arm, Independence Energy Alliance, Offers Individuals Opportunity to Participate in Network Marketing Program to Promote Green Energy

PHILADELPHIA, PA – June 23, 2011 – Independence Energy, an independent energy provider for consumers and businesses, today launched its "green energy" service, which allows customers to select either 20% green sourced or 100% green sourced energy. The Company also introduced a unique Network Marketing Program through its marketing arm, Independence Energy Alliance, which allows individual entrepreneurs to join the "green revolution" and further market the service. Together, Independence Energy and Independence Energy Alliance empower people to "Make Choices that Change Lives" through positive energy options and the opportunity for financial rewards.
Based in Philadelphia, PA, Independence Energy offers consumers the power to choose affordable, renewable energy options to fit their financial and environmental needs. Independence Energy offers customers their choice of Green Plus (20% green sourced energy) or True Green (100% green sourced energy), with every customer earning 5% cash back on annual energy usage. The Company currently serves customers in New Jersey, with plans to expand to other states in the U.S. by the end of the year.
"We carefully created products that make a difference for our customers and that our Independence Energy Alliance Associates can proudly stand behind," said Chet Seely, co-founder and Managing Director of Independence Energy. "We’re thrilled to enter the marketplace and are confident that consumers and "green" entrepreneurs alike will benefit from our offering."
Through Independence Energy’s marketing arm, Independence Energy Alliance, "green" entrepreneurs nationwide have the opportunity to join the fast-growing, $120 billion dollar network marketing industry – just by helping other consumers choose their energy provider. The Company’s Independent Sales Associates are part of the Independence Energy Alliance, which provides all of the guidance and the tools needed to start-up and run their individual business.
"In our target markets, less than 9 percent of households have switched to an independent energy provider, creating an ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact on the environment, while achieving personal success," said Jeffrey Meiler, co-founder and President of Independence Energy. "With plans to expand our energy services to additional deregulated energy states on an ongoing basis, and a dedicated team that is committed to driving positive change in the world, Independence Energy is poised for growth that will make a lasting impact."
Independence Energy was co-founded by Jeffrey Meiler and Chet Seely. Independence Energy is a separately licensed retail energy provider and subsidiary of Energy Plus, one of the nation’s fastest-growing energy companies. To become an Independence Energy customer or an Independent Sales Associate, visit http://getgreen.independenceallainace.biz

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Still Confused About Switching Your Electricity Provider?

- No Fees to Switch
- Reduce Your Fees Paid to Current Utility
- Pay Less Per KWH on IEA's 20% Green
- Improve the Environment
- Keep Your Current Utility Company for maintenance to meter and Power Lines
- Still Pay One Bill
Sign up today at http://getgreen.independencealliance.biz

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Take one Small Step During Green Week

- No Fees to Switch
- Reduce Your Fees Paid to Current Utility
- Pay Less Per KWH on IEA's 20% Green
- Improve the Environment
- Keep Your Current Utility Company for maintenance to meter and Power Lines
- No Special Equipment to Buy
- Still Pay One Bill

Friday, April 13, 2012

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Want to learn more about Independence Energy?

*NEW* Sizzle Call Line!

We Take The Extra Step!!  
Tune into our new “Sizzle Call” line by dialing            1-641-715-3275       Access Code: 76742#.  This call features the following topics:
Product & Business Overview
- Compensation Plan Highlights
- Opening Lines, Enroll, and Follow-Up
- Learn Why So Many are Choosing Independence Energy Alliance
- Your WHY
- Kicking Off Your Business & Establishing a Strong Team
- Honoring Your Team’s Success
- Instill Leadership Principles Within Your Team
- Doing Things The Right Way
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