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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hey Illinois Com Ed Customers!

The economy is tough. Everyone is looking to save money on their everyday expenses. You now can start saving on your energy bill. Wouldn't life be a little easier if you could lower one of your monthly expenses?
Did you know that you now have the right to choose who provides your energy? Energy deregulation has made it possible for you the consumer to choose your provider. With Independence Energy Alliance you also have the right to choose green energy as an option. We offer 20% green or the choice to go 100% green! The funny thing is that you still get your bill from Com Ed and if anything happens to your service they still take care of it! The only difference in your bill is that it states that you get your energy from Independence Energy. It takes about 2 minutes to make the switch and you start seeing your savings adding up! There's more... after one full year with us you get 5% cash back! Now what other company do you know that will offer you that? For more information please contact me or visit my site and become a customer of Independence Energy and start saving on your energy bill. http://getgreen.independencealliance.biz

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