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Saturday, November 12, 2011

What do you mean you haven't switched?

5% Cash Back on your annual Electricity costs!!
It doesn't cost you anything when you switch!
It takes minutes to do!!

1. You keep Your Utility Company (Same Local Service). They will continue to service your lines and meter. When the lights do go out, you local utility company will be there to get your electricity back.. They will still deliver your electricity, you are just buying it from a different electricity supplie. Independence Energy does not believe in fees, so you will save on the delivery fee that your local company most likely charges at this time.

2. With more and more electric suppliers to choose from, the demand for your business drives your cost of electricity down. You want to make sure you pick the right company for you. Independence Energy would like to be your new supplier. We are backed by a $9 Billion Dollar giant in the industry, and you can feel confident that NRG Energy will be there after all the other companies have failed. Independence Energy Alliance is the Direct Marketing Company that NRG has chosen to bring their product to the public.

To become just a customer of Indepence Energy/NRG, and receive in most cases a reduction in your monthly electric bill and 5% Cash Back Year after Year all you need to do is:

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