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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Make 2012 the year you start saving money on your electric bill year after year by switching to Independence Energy. Just imagine saving money every month on your electric use, and after a year of service receiving 5% cash back! Yes it's true, with the deregulation of energy you have choices on who delivers your electric. Check this out, when you switch the only thing that changes is who delivers your energy. You still get the same bill from the same company!
 With Independence Energy you also use green energy, you have a choice of 20% green or 100% green! Remember when the phone companies deregulated?  Well it's basically the same thing instead of having the choice of what phone provider you choose, you get to pick who delivers your energy. To me it's a no brainer!
 Check out the short video and you decide if Independence Energy is right for you.

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