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Monday, February 13, 2012

What does everyone need?

In fact, name one person who doesn't need and use electricity everyday! 
Everybody turns on the lights!

Deregulation of Energy, according to Warren Buffet, will create the largest transfer of wealth in this world today! Deregulation of Energy has been a slow process, state by state, inching its way along. There have been fees for signing up, fees for cancelling early, and fees for cancelling all together. Plus... the utility companies have not let anyone know that you had a choice to choose where you wanted to buy your energy. Let's face it, it is not something anyone has on their Wish List, and let's face it - people resist change. Even if it is better for them, and they will be taking a small step towards cleaning up the environment. But I am convinced it will happen.

The science has been improving, and there are more and more companies forming, offering the consumer better, cleaner forms of energy at a much less and more competitive price. With new and better ways to market their greener products. 

Energy Deregulation allows competition between companies that supply the energy to our homes. The 'supply' companies now can compete for your business by selling you the same energy at much lower rates. The consumer now has the choice to pay less for the natural gas and electricity that we use everyday. No matter what company is supplying the energy, it is delivered in exactly the same way it is delivered to you today.

You now have the ability to choose to lower your monthly energy rates without any change to your local service. 

And this allows the 'supply' companies to offer you fantastic deals,such as a 5% / 10% Cash Back on your Energy Costs! If you own a small business, you could now choose to receive 5% / 10% Cash Back on your Annual Energy Costs.

If you are shopping for a new cell phone, and the phones were identical in everyway except for the price, would you pick the more expensive phone? Of course not! We must now learn to shop for our energy in the same way. 

Independence Energy is positioned to become THE global powerhouse in the network marketing industry. Only Independence offers the unbeatable combination of the highest Associate compensation, staggering sales promotions, award-winning customer service, affordable energy pricing for customers and unmatchable customer cash back benefits. 

No other company in network marketing will be able to compete with Independence Energy because no other energy MLM company is backed byNRG, a NINE BILLION dollar company! NRG is the 5th biggest energy company on the Fortune 500. Except for NRG, NONE of the top five electricity companies in North America has an MLM arm!

The Momentum Phase of Independence Energy has just begun but this move will mean that this phase will last for years to come! That’s why right now is the best time to be in the game because momentum creates leverage and leverage makes all of us Super Human. 

Independence Energy is currently only available in New Jersey, New York &  Illinois, but take a look at the fantastic savings!  Fantastic - right!! Now add on the 5% / 10% Cash Back! Well, this opportunity is coming to Connecticut and Pennsylvania next ,Texas in late March,and we will just keep adding more until we are available in every state that is deregulated in electricity.

But even if you choose not to become an Associate for Independence Energy, you must admit the savings are incredible. Right now - only New Jersey and Illinois residents can take advantage of this incedible opportunity, but we will be adding new states every month.

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