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Monday, March 19, 2012

Choice's change lives

  •  Deregulation you now have a choice. 

  • First it was the Airline industry, then telecommunications and now energy.
  • Exploding Energy Market
  • 129 million families spend an average of 2,000 dollars annually. 
  • Everyone needs energy:
  • lights and warms our homes
  • powers our computers
  • cooks our food
  • 15 deregulated states...more on the way
  • Empower you financially
  • Help you grow personally
  • Do something good for the enviornment
  • Products for the planet and your wallet
  • Renewable energy good for the planet
  • Choose to go 100% green
  • Earn up to 10% cash back year after year

  • Top Ten Reasons To Join 
  • Timing is perfect
  • Deregulation=Opportunity
  • Size of the prize 15 states and more to come!
  • Product everyone uses
  • Sharing not selling
  • Most people aren't even aware they have a choice
  • Green products that make a difference plus cash back
  • Solid financial backing
  • Best upfront money
  • Best residual payouts
  • Mentoring helping you become sucessful
  • Commitment to FUN!
  • Simple Business Model
  •   1. Enroll associates and customers
  •                            /\
  •   2.      Teach others to do the same
  •                            /\ 
  •    3.                   Repeat
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  1. I liked the post, actually I would like to say that while choosing energy provider we need search for Cheaper Electricity as it is the most important factor.