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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do you want to save money on your energy bill?

 When was the last time someone tried to help you spend less on something that you have to buy?!? I show the product to people and then I ask them why haven't you switched? Their usual response is it looks to good to be true. I then tell them about the guarantee, no disruption of service and no fees to switch. Then they ask me how do they give you the 5% cash back?
Energy - Some things change…
Energy deregulation began in the late 1990s, giving consumers the power to choose their energy supplier. Deregulation creates competition and, in turn, better products for you to choose from, and to tailor to your personal needs. You can choose your supplier based on environmental impact, affordability, cash back, support in lowering your energy usage, or, in the case of Independence Energy, all of the above!


Energy deregulation not only results in better products for consumers, it also creates an opportunity for a new income stream for you if you choose to help others switch their electric service.

… and some stay the same

Even though energy supply has been deregulated, your electricity is still delivered by your same utility, using the same lines with the same service, and is as safe and reliable as it has always been. Nothing changes for you except the name of your electricity supplier on your energy bill.

Exercise your power to choose

With Independence Energy, you can choose our Green Plus product with 20% renewable energy (exceeding state minimum renewable requirements), or you can go completely green with our True Green 100% product. Choosing to go completely green has the same eco impact as 5 acres of slash pine trees!

Each of our products also gives you 5% cash back* on your electric usage every year. Sweet, right?

Finally, Independence Energy provides you access to energy saving products to help you reduce your energy usage and, in turn, your energy bill. Again I have to ask, when was the last time someone tried to help you spend less on something that you have to buy?!?

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