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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Energy Options For Illinois Customer

Reduce Your Footprint

At Independence Energy, we show our love for Mother Earth by providing electricity products with renewable energy higher than state standards. We also help you to show her some love!

Carbon Footprint

Do you know your carbon footprint? Or what makes it bigger or smaller? Or that, in this case, size does matter and smaller is better? Take a look here to understand your eco-impact and how you can reduce it!

Making it Smaller

There are lots of things you can do to reduce your energy usage. You can turn the lights off when you leave a room, unplug your computer at night, or, for the more romantic among us, eat by candlelight.
These days, there are also some great innovative tools to help you reduce your energy use. You can find everything from energy monitors to water heater blankets, 'green' lightbulbs to solar lighting, all right here.
 Growing up in Cook County there was only one option for energy, that was Commonwealth Edison (Com Ed). Every month I would get my  Com Ed bill and pay it, just like everyone else. Never did we have a choice on our energy provider in Cook County Illinois. Well that has all changed.
 Now as a Com Ed customer you have the choice on who provides your energy! With the deregulation of energy the consumer has the right to decide on who delivers their energy. I know it is a little confusing on how this works but it benefits the consumer immensely! Just imagine getting a better rate on your electricity and at the end of 12 months your receive a refund check!! That's right you will receive a refund check from Independence Energy Alliance at the end of the 132 month period. What also amazes me is the fact that you will still receive your monthly bill from Com Ed!
 The only thing that changes is your bill will be lower and you will see a notation on the bill that your energy is provided by Independence Energy. That's it, no fees to switch or if you choose to cancel (Don't know why you would want to do that?) there are No Fees! EVER!
 So take a look at the Illinois residential  rates or commercial rates, and choose your Independence today! Remember you will get 5% cash back year after year just by going 20% green! Or if you go 100% green you can receive 10% cash back! My question to you is why haven't you switched yet?
 Hurry and sign up today at getgreenindependencealliance.biz

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