Welcome to your independence!

Choose Independence Energy Alliance as your energy provider and earn 5% cash back!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Helping friends and family earn cash back on their energy usage!

Imagine no selling just sharing and watch your business grow!

What does your independence look like?

Independence Energy Alliance offers you the power to grow personally and professionally, while earning income for yourself at the same time. The business is simple:
  • Introduce friends and family to their power to choose
  • Use Independence Energy Alliance approved materials to tell the story
  • Share the opportunity to tell the story to their friends and family
  • Do it again
When you make the empowering choice to become an Independence Energy Alliance Associate, you are helping your friends and family earn cash back on their energy usage, and helping the environment at the same time.

The Independence Energy Alliance Compensation Plan is designed to help you achieve your financial goals through three simple concepts:
  • Accelerate your earnings by getting paid quickly for switching your friends and family to Independence Energy
  • Build lasting Residual Income based on your customers' energy bills
  • Teach others the same simple concept, and earn powerful leadership income, while developing yourself professionally at the same time
  • Watch the short video and check out the comp plan 

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