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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Energy Deregulation has it's rewards!

It is so simple to switch!

IT's as easy as 1...2....3
 Answer a few simple questions - 1. Account type: Residential or Commercial?
 2. What State are you from? NY, NJ, CT, PA, IL,TX & more states added soon
3. What is your Zip Code?
4. Who is Your Utility Company? (PSE&G, ConEd, CP&L, etc..)
5. Pick 20% Green or 100% Green (5% cash back on 20% green and 10% on 100% green)
6. What is your Name, Address, and ACCOUNT NUMBER?
8. Get Your Confirmation Number!
 Now - last step: MAKE THE CALL!! Completing Third Party Verification (TPV) Successfully
 Who can complete the TPV call? Only the account owner or the applicant’s spouse has the authority to complete the TPV Call.
 What information should you have available to make the call a success?
 TPV phone number:             (855) 226 9049       Confirmation code provided by Independence Energy at time of enrollment Address of the location that is switching to Independence Energy What questions might be asked?
 1. Name
2. Permission to record the call
3. The 7 digit confirmation number
4. Confirm they are at least 18 years of age or older
 5. Confirm they are the account holder or authorized to enroll the account
6. Account # from current utility
7. Service address
8. Agree they understand they are signing up for service with Independence Energy on a variable rate product
9. Agree to become an Independence Energy customer
10. Agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement
 CONGRATULATIONS!! You are now a Independence Energy Customer! Nothing to buy...No Switching Utility Companies...Good for the Environment! You are now buying your electricity from the 5th largest energy producer in America, with over 50 power plants that can service 18 million homes in the US with renewable, clean electricity! Now go tell your friends how you are saving money with GREEN ELECTRICITY and getting CASH BACK Year after Year!! 

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