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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Is your energy provider giving you a 5% cash refund?

Independence Energy Alliance gives you the consumer 5% cash back year after year! You also get the benefit of lower rates, surge protection and the option of going green. You also have a 20% or 100% green option.
Let me ask you this. "Why haven't you switched?"
No interruption of service. You still get your bill from the same provider. They still fix any problems you may have and you get 5% cash back! The only change will be on your bill, the energy supplier will be Independence Energy Alliance, and the total cost to you will show up on your bill. It will be lower! It takes about 2 minutes to switch and you will get a lifetime of savings!
Start saving today all you need is your account number off your bill and your on your way.

For more information please visit http://getgreen.independencealliance.biz
or send me an email at getgreenindependence@gmail.com

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