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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Non Profit Fund Raising Program

Check out our Non Profit Fund Raising Program

The Power of Us

Fundraising Program is the
perfect way for your organization to generate
ongoing income in one fundraising event!
Participation is Simple!
Your organization and your supporters simply switch their power
supplier to a greener, more earth friendly electricity supplier. There is
no cost to participate in this program for you or for your supporters.
Never Ask Your Supporters for Funding Again!
The Power of Us is a FREE Program! Instead of asking your supporters
for money, you help them make cash on their electric bill every month
by switching their service to Independence Energy. They support your
cause just by paying their bill. Everyone is rewarded for participating!
Plus Receive a $250 Bonus for every 25 supporters who sign up.
No Fees - There are no sign up fees and no cancellation fees.
Your supporters are donating to your organization every time they pay their
electric bill!

Why Will My Supporters Want to be Involved?
Every month your supporters pay their electric bill. If they switch to Independence
Energy, your organization gets a cash bonus every time they pay!
Green Plus – 20% Green
20% of energy is green sourced

True Green – 100% Green Green Plus – 20% Green
100% of energy is green sourced 20% of energy is green sourced
That's like recycling 5,000 That’s over 100% higher than
pounds of waste a year state requirements!

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Independence Energy is a retail energy supplier. In deregulated markets, power companies
are separated into supply and delivery. Customers can stay with their local delivery service
of energy, but choose to use an environmentally friendly and more rewarding supply of

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